Thanks to the social media guru,  Dustin Stout founder of the digital agency, Dustin Co. who managed to pull all of these fabulous facts and figures together, did you know that as of 2019…

  • the average amount of time a user spends on Facebook every day is 58 minutes.
  • there are over 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day.
  • on average, 5 Facebook accounts are created every second.

That’s a lot of statistics for one platform and with all of that in mind, trying to work out how we can even fit in amongst any of those numbers can be a mind field in itself.

As we know our competition is everywhere!

So knowing what to create for that ‘scroll stopper’ bit of content, is key.

Now there’s many ways in which you can decide on what your impactful content is going to be, but here’s 3 ways that I’ve noticed work really well.

1. Create your ‘Disruptive Hook’

Just as you have only a short amount of impressionable time to relay your elevator pitch, the same idea goes for your ‘Disruptive Hook’ too. So, when understanding how to get more engagement on social media, think of this ‘Disruptive Hook’ as being a well thought out one liner, that not only attracts your audience, but also disrupts them as they scroll through their daily feed, encouraging them to stop and want to find out more.

I came across the post that you see in the image above. It made me stop and want to find out more. Aside from loving the point of it, when I read its ‘Disruptive Hook’, my first thought was maybe the Ash, the man who’s post it is, was an ex-con who managed to turn his life around???

Either way it made me want to find out more and then led me to thinking, why would he want to lead with that especially on a platform like Linked In???

Either way I was intrigued and so were others too.

It got me hooked, made me want to read on and resulted in a follow. I engaged with it because I appreciated the purpose for him saying what he did. You can check out the rest of his post by clicking here, so I won’t spoil the rest it for you 🙂 See for yourself, how to get more engagement on social media using this method.

2.Tap into common memories

This is where you need to go through your memory archives and tap into those common instances that are relative to the messages you’re trying to share and particularly to the audience you’re speaking to too. When it comes to learning how to get more engagement on social media using this step, the aim here to ensure that it hits home for our them.

Really knowing who your avatar is, will set you at an advantage for sure. When you’re brainstorming your concepts for them, think of at least 5 common instances that you know most people, especially yourself would have experienced. Remember that it doesn’t have to be complicated at all when coming up with an idea to get more engagement on your social media post, with this step.

Check out the pencil image above.

Whether folks chewed the end of one as a child or as an adult it’s still relatable.

It made a number of people stop, allowed them to reflect and took them back to fond memories.

Think to yourself, what can you do to encourage others to stop scrolling and do the same?

3.Use a seasonal theme

Think about what time of year it is and use that to your advantage.

Have a look at what one of UK’s leading hardware stores, B&Q, did for one of their past campaigns.

They used a series of tongue and cheek phrases typically heard especially around Valentine’s Day. The results were as I’m sure you would have guessed, more engagement.

You can tell that they had fun with this campaign and knowing that, that key word ‘FUN’ is what also helped them to get more engagement on social media posts too.

Remember that not all content in your social media posts, has to be all direct, stern and serious. Have ‘FUN’ with it! Play around with phrasing you typically know, have found or have come up with yourself and keep it light as well as entertaining.

A key tip for this step when knowing how to get more engagement on your social media posts, think about what the next season is right now and ask yourself, how can it work for you?

There we have it…all done!

And yes, I know that you’re probably thinking that trends have been changing on daily lately so why should I pay attention to this share???


Aside from the fact that yes you’re right, trends are changing daily, what I will say is that when it comes to figuring our how to get more engagement on your social media posts, one thing has always remained consistent. It’s the way in which you get to show up as YOU!

Click on the book below to find out how you can make sure that you show up in front of your audience, connect with them and set a reputation that not only gets noticed but actually suits you and your brand too.