Now whether you’re a small to medium entrepreneur, or business owner, or even a designer who’s wanting to up their logo design skills, understanding if a logo is actually carrying out the job or function that it should be doing, is key for any brand.

I’d like to stress, that a logo is the face of your business or identity. It is NOT your brand. It’s a misconception that comes up a lot, so I wanted to make sure that there was clarity on that. As much as both do come from the ‘why’ or ‘objective’ of what you do, your brand is something different. I’ll be deep diving a little more as to what a brand also is in my next post, but for now, just know that a brand is the meat, flesh and personality of your identity. It’s what drives, helps or even backs the logo so that it’s able to make those better connections with the right kind of audience.

Now I’ve been working with in the design industry for well over 16 years and I’ve worked with a number of clients ranging from bigger retail marketing agencies through to smaller businesses and individuals. It’s been with those guys in particular where I’ve helped them to understand the fundamentals of what it means to be able to ‘boost your visual presence’. And so by putting certain design tools in place, and implementing the changes needed, their results have changed for the better. They’re now not only standing out proudly from their competition with certainty, they’re also attracting more of the audience that they actually want to work with.

That being said, now let’s test what you’re either thinking of putting together or already have in place for your own logo…


Ask yourself…‘Is my logo creating that LASTING impression that it needs to?’

Now what I mean by that, with the content that you’re actually putting out there, or ways you’re logo is being seen, if your logo isn’t actually being recognised when your prospects see it, then we need to address that. We need to make sure that it becomes memorable so that you can start creating the idea of a LEGACY for you and your identity.


Ask yourself…‘Is my logo actually representing my ‘why’ or ‘OBJECTIVE of my business, identity or idea I’m trying to achieve?’

This is where you have to jump ahead in time and actually understand where do we see our business being in the future? And at the end of the day, if we don’t understand what their ‘objective’ is, or what the reason for ‘why’ we do what we do is, for a business or personal brand, if we don’t understand what those are, then we won’t be able to produce a logo that’s going to be effective in the way we want. We also need to understand those things in order to be able to create that lasting impression in test no. ONE.


Now ask yourself…‘Is my logo being the GUIDING tool, that it actually needs to be?’

Your logo is, as I mentioned before, something that will be seen regularly by all those who cross your path. I don’t just mean by your audience, I also mean by your peers too.

If your logo isn’t adding to the intrigue of all who see it, along with the posts or content that you’re also putting out there, then that’s another way of seeing how integral it is for TEST TWO to be revisited. Your logo won’t be the GUIDING tool that it needs to be if it hasn’t addressed your ‘why’ or your ‘OBJECTIVE’ well.


And finally, ask yourself…‘Is my logo helping to create those OPPORTUNITIES for my business, identity or idea I’m trying to achieve?’

When I talk about creating opportunities here, I don’t just mean with potentially gaining work from new prospects, I also mean in working with our peers or competitors too.

If we don’t have a few opportunities in place, we’re not only, not going to be able to bring in that new customer, but we’re also not going to be able to boost the visual presence of our brands.

BOOST visual presence = BOOST positioning = BOOST authoritative image

Being able to BOOST all 3 of these things is key in order for us to build and scale upwards with what we do. We want to be seen as that ‘go to person’…and be known as, ‘the one who will answer my questions and get me the results I need’.

So, if you’re finding that each the TEST points raised above, haven’t been recognised within your own logo or idea for your future logo, then please make sure you go ahead and invest in the time to address them.

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See you next time!