Here’s three of many reasons why free logos won’t work, especially if your intention is (and it should be) to have your logo for the longevity of your business. Free logos can only take us to a certain extent and sadly, that extent is going to be really short every time we try and implement a quick fix.


Think about the idea of format. File formats that is.

So now, I know a lot of the times when you get a free file format, especially for your logo, or even when you have a smaller priced version of your logo, you’re literally either going to be getting one file format, or maybe three at the most. That isn’t enough.

You actually need at least five different file formats for your logo so that they can actually do the journey and with you for as long as it can with you.

When we’re starting out, we always understand, the need for having a checklist for the ‘right now’ type of things for our business brands. On that list, the logo is there but more often than not it will appear at the end of that list.

I’ll be even more surprised if ‘sort out branding’ even gets a look in, as more often than not, it gets overlooked, ignored or simply not even thought about.

That part actually frustrates the hell out of me.

If more and more people actually knew that their brand is one of the major things in their businesses that will not only help to boost revenue even more, but also help to make the right connections and stand out from their competition, they’d pay a hell of a lot more attention to it for sure!

But I get it sometimes it’s simply just down to not understanding what a brand actually is, being able to figure that out, as well as what it looks like when it comes to your own too.

Have you ever been caught in that conundrum of a mix?

Always remember that your brand is the flesh, the meat, the décor in your house that turns it in to you home! It’s all of that good stuff that’ll help your logo and your business or identity to gain a further reach to your that you actually want to work with.

All of that being said and moving back to the idea of your logo file formats, when you understand that you’re not just pulling things together for the ‘right here, right now’, whether it’s for your website, or for product you’re promoting, we need to make sure that this logo of ours can travel all the WAY beyond those items and more.


Think about the idea of scalability.

How scalable can your logo actually be from that one/three little file format/s that you would have gotten for free or for a small charge?

Think about how big can that actual logo file version, you’ve been given go.

The reason why we have least up to five different file formats, which include native files such as ‘AI’ files or ‘EPS’ files, when you have large formats to design and pull together, having these files to tap into, will give you the ability to be able to scale up or even shrink down your logo even smaller without not losing its quality.

That’s a HUGE key thing to be able to have.

We need to make sure that the quality of our logos when they are scaled up, are still clear, otherwise it becomes a big distraction.

We don’t want to be eye catching for the wrong reason or have our audiences distracted by how fuzzy things are and the lack of quality they’re seeing.

What will that say about your business?

We want to stay and look professional and for our audiences to be like “YES! That’s the person I want to work with!”


Think about the idea of individuality.

Being individual with how you’re being seen, how you’re presenting your message, your branding and your logo, is another major factor to consider simply because our characteristics will help to separate us from our competition.

If we’re investing in free or smaller charged logos, imagine how many 1000 plus other people are doing the same and using the same logo as you.

If our audience witness this type of calamity, it starts de-positioning ourselves as that authoritative figure.

So let’s avoid that kind of annoying mishap and present ourselves in a way that we know we deserve to be presented as and pay attention to the details.  

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Take Care. Stay safe. Speak soon!