Knowing how to build a great B.R.A.N.D. can be a mind field especially when you’re unsure of knowing where to even start!

If you read my previous blog post about how to test your logo works and is actually doing the job that it should do for you, you would’ve read about some key fundamentals that need to be present prepare you for this next step!

It’s a step that will not only drive your logo to the position that it needs to be in, in order for you to get and STAY noticed in the RIGHT way, it’s also a step that’ll be able to boost your visual presence so that you stand out from your competition proudly, and ultimately win that new business over that them too.

In general, whether it be for your business or personal identity, understanding these 5 points I’m about to share with you will set your B.R.A.N.D. off to a great start.

Always remember…






Be sure to…

Firstly BUILD on the awareness of your…business, enterprise and or personal identity.

Whether it be through your social media content, brochures, leaflets, flyers, or any other collateral you’re putting out there to share with the masses, namely our audiences, we want to make sure the information we’re presenting to them recognises what their pains, frustrations and annoyances are. This is what needs to happen in order for us to make those better and relative connections with them.

Secondly REVEAL and position yourself…as the specialist, as the infopreneur, and as the authoritative figure in your area of expertise.

Did you know that knowledge you have about your product or service, RIGHT NOW, is enough to out there and share with others?

I’ve worked with clients before who used to have the belief that they didn’t know enough to be able to pass on any other additional information to their audiences about the wider industry they’re in. They used to limit and equally block themselves from moving forwards with their REVEAL, because it.

Have you ever felt like that?

Feeling like you didn’t or even don’t know enough, I mean?

If that sounds like something you’ve experienced, my short and sweet answer to that belief, is to simply say, trust and believe in the fact that the knowledge that you have to REVEAL your business or personal identity, IS ENOUGH.

Next, pay attention to your AUDIENCE…the right ones I mean.

The ones that you actually want to work with, and not the ones that you feel you have to work with. FYI you can actually say no to them!

Once we REVEAL ourselves as that authoritative figure it’s important for our AUDIENCE to get to know what we’re about. And when we start sharing in all the knowledgeable goodies that we have tucked underneath our belts they get to build on their trust in knowing that not only do we understand our subjects but we equally understand them too.

Then, it’s time to NAVIGATE them…towards wanting to work with you that is.

Simply put, this is where your call to action comes in play. After having shared what we know, to our communities, we can now NAVIGATE them towards taking that next step. At this point, they’ve now ‘know like and trust us’ because what we’ve consistently shared with them gives great value.

Finally with all of the above in place you’ll naturally DEVELOP who you are…both as a business and as a personal identity.

In actual fact, they way in which you DEVELOP equally symbolises your GROWTH.

GROWTH within your finances because you would have closed so many deals from all those leads or clients that you would have now attracted 😉

GROWTH within your business because now you’ve transformed into an entity that’s not only built on making better connections with your clients but from collaborations with your peers too.

GROWTH within your peace of mind knowing that you’re one step closer towards reaching that bigger picture so can now sleep better and spend your time doing the things that put an amazing smile on your face.

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Until next time!